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Our Vision

All people in Frederick County have access to a fresh, nutritious, and affordable food supply sustained by local producers and a resilient food system that strengthens our human, environmental, and economic health

Building a Food System is a Collective Effort

Our Mission: The Frederick County Food Council is dedicated to ensuring a healthy, resilient food supply for all County residents both now and in an uncertain future. As a convening body for local food system stakeholders, we

  • Advocate for food system resiliency at the state and local level;

  • Support efforts that sustain farmers, improve soil health, and strengthen the local food economy; and

  • Promote initiatives that increase healthy eating, reduce food waste, diminish food insecurity, and distribute fresh local food equitably.


Livable Frederick

Steering Committee members of the Frederick County Food Council took an active part in creating a vision for food systems resiliency in Frederick County for Livable Frederick. Creating the Frederick County Food Council was a first step towards implementing that vision.


Food Resiliency

The MD FSRC was established in 2021 to address food insecurity issues across the state by addressing local food production, distribution, equity, access, public health impacts, data tracking and funding needs. The Frederick County Food Council is an active member.

Read the 2022 General Assemply Report with important recommendations


Climate Emergency Mobilization Working Group

Honoring local long-standing traditions as an agricultural area reduces County and City dependency on a centralized food system that is at risk of disruption due to the impacts of

climate change.

Read the Climate Emergency Report, pgs 65-87


Agricultural Preservation

Frederick County has thousands of acres of farmland, University of Maryland Extension educators, and a successful agricultural preservation program.

Our county has the potential to be a strong partner in regional food production.

Views From Home

What We've Learned

New Growth

Feasibility Analysis for the Frederick Food Hub

In 2015 we learned and documented challenges, barriers to, and opportunities for development of a local food economy.


Read research interviews and questionnaire responses here.


It's a Community Effort

The Frederick County Food Council is run by an incredible team of dedicated volunteers. If you would like to get involved, please fill out the form below.

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